What is Running Coaching and why do I need a Running Coach?

A running coach is generally, simply, someone who instructs you how to run properly. A good running coach does much more! Certified Running Coaches (as we are here at Vitality; Coaches and Certified Gait Analysts) are trained in different topics related to human performance such as physiology, anatomy, biomechanics, nutrition and exercise science in general.

Anyone who is a runner, from recreational to professional and everyone inbetween, can benefit from a running coach. A running coach can help you create a running plan, help you identify why you have pain when you run, and help you get ready to run your next race. A running coach will also help you minimize your risk of injury and improve performance. Possibly the most important reason to utilize a running coach is that they provide motivation and support for your running journey.

What we offer:

Basic Personalized Running Plan

Creation of an 8 week plan based on running experience to achieve a specific goal, whether race prep or just being able to safely run more, further, or faster.

8 Weeks – $100

Gait Analysis

Using the Helix 3D Gait Analysis System, record your gait on our treadmill and provide immediate feedback to review gait impairments.

Runner Readiness Assessment (RRA)
5 Fundamental Movements
4 Motor Control Movements
5 Foot Assessment Movements
Movements used to assess current strenth, stability and motor control level.
3D Gait Analysis
After a brief warm up, straps and markers are applied and motion capture cameras are used to record client on treadmill.
Access to RunDNA App for 3D Report and Exercise Calendar
Clients will be given access to our RunDNA App and be able to review their analysis report and view calendar for schedule of workouts.
Standard Strength Plan based on 1 of 12 3D Gait Categories (Assigned in App)
Stengthening plan to help improve running performance and prevent injury. Workouts will be regularly emailed to you or you can log in to the app and review.
Real Time Feedback and gait retraining
Immediately after initial analysis is captured, Analyst will provide feedback and ques for immediate adjustment and results.
Individualized Exercise Program
Create a personalized exercise program to address specific weakness or deficiencies.
Pain and Risk Assessment and Initiation of Corrections
When reviewing your RRA and 3D Analysis, identify gait deficiencies that can be causing or may lead to pain and implement a plan to correct.
A 30 min 1 on 1 Session
A separate day, running specific PT session.
2, 4, 8 week 'Reassess and retest' to monitor and ensure progression
3 additional, separate sessions. Assess if changes made, progress made and to test RRA and Gait again.
Personalized Race Training Plan
($100 value)

See above for Race Training Plan for more info
Tier I
Tier II
Tier III
Ultimate Race Prep Package

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